Warning: Habit Forming

Google Forensics is our specialty and it refers to our mastery of using Google Analytics (and Google Webmaster Tools) to

a) create a detailed picture of what is going on with your website

b) identify opportunities for growth and conversion

Google Analytics (GA) is a treasure trove of information and best of all, it is free! The H.I.M. team knows (and can show you) how to plumb the depths of the information that Google has compiled on your site.

An analogy: without proper use Google Analytics you are like the manager of a retail store who gets the money at the end of each week but has no idea which items were sold and how many. How successful do you think that store will be when it comes to restocking, marketing, etc.?

There is so much information available in GA that it can be like drinking from a fire hose. Mining the data takes special skill – you can literally segment every type of visitor and analyze their behavior by paramaters such as:

  • how they found your site
  • what day(s) they visited
  • what keyword they used
  • how long they stayed on the site
  • did they convert to a customer (depending on your use of tools like forms and trackable calls, etc.)

The first thing that H.I.M. can do for you is to check your installation of the GA javascript code into your website and make sure that it done correctly (or do the initial installation).

H.I.M. can provide ongoing reports of your site’s performance and better yet – show you how to check your analytics yourself. Warning: GA can be incredibly addictive. Some H.I.M. team members have been known to check it 30-40 times a day!

A note about granting “read only” access to GA: If you already have GA installed and contact us, the quickest way for us to get a grip on your situation is by viewing your Google Analytics. You can grant us temporary “read only” access to your GA account and in our opinion is completely risk free. Nothing about your site can be changed by us seeing your GA (in fact with “read only” access, nothing can be changed whatsoever).

Instructions to grant “Read Only” access to Google Analytics