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Best Practices for Treatment Marketing on Google My Business

Yes, Google My Business (GMB) is a shortcut to the top of Google Results. Google loves ‘brick and mortar’ locations so much that 49% of businesses who are using their GMB listing are getting 1,000+ views per month.

To have success on Google My Business you must:

  1. Have a ‘brick & mortar’ location.
  2. Create (or claim )your profile and optimize it.

Optimizing Your Treatment Center’s Google My Business Location

The name of the game when setting up your Google my business page is to aim for completion, uniqueness, and accuracy.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation, a ‘walk through’ of your GMB page, and to have us give you a deeper dive on these best practices.

Start by Choosing Categories Carefully

Think carefully about the type of customers who are most profitable and desirable before you choose your categories.

Category choices are from a list Google provides (and you can see the list here).  You are allowed up to five categories, but do not “stuff” more choices to fill all of the categories unless you truly offer that service.

Optimize Your Listing Completely, but Accurately

As you work your way through the “left column” menu items, you will undoubtedly start with info menu item (pictured).

Here are some best practices when filling out your GMB profile:

  • Insert, accurate, complete, and unique information.
  • Provide different description and services information for multiple locations, if you have them.
  • Emphasize keywords and location information.
  • Provide original photos of the specific location if possible.
  • Provide all types of photo the Google asks for (logo, cover image, staff image, facility pictures).

Fully Optimize Your Google Business Profile Listing

To fully optimize your GBP listing, you will want to start with the info tab. From here, you can work your way through the relevant sections. Google currently gives rankings preference to businesses listings offering the most information. Be sure to enter a unique (and original) business description that is written in a way to motivate users to contact you. Be sure to fully take advantage of the available fields, like:

  • List of Services
  • Opening date
  • Online consultations

Add Telehealth Info

With regard to online services and virtual/telehealth services, Google has made this a focal point since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Be sure to clarify if you offer those services, and, if possible, link to a specific page where you provide information about how to get started on your site.

Viva La Différence Between Your Locations

If you have multiple locations, put some time and effort into filling out original content for each one.

Unique hours, photos, staff, and owner demographic are all opportunities to provide more unique information for Google to share. For example, one location might be Black-owned, Latino-owned, or owned by a military veterans.  (Identifying the demographic of the owner is one of the newer features available in your Google Business Profile).

Ongoing Google My Business Best Practices

Take Advantage of Google Posts

Google Business Posts are an amazing tool that most multi-location brands aren’t using. You’ll gain additional exposure by taking a minute to create a post that includes a relevant photo, coupon, image, or video.

Working with a third party, or leveraging the Google Business Profile API, can help make the posting process easier for marketers working with more than a handful of locations.

Asking for Reviews

Google gives preference to listings with user reviews. This is a pain point for many of the treatment centers we work with, and one reason why working with an agency is great (because we can help). Almost all of your customers have a Google account, which is half the battle to getting a Google review on your site. The best process is to proactively send the link and ask to get reviewed, it can be done via email.

Update, Monitor, and Respond to Your GMB Listing

As the weeks and months pass, pay attention to your Google My Business listing traffic, engagement, and performance.

  • What posts are working for you? Do more of those.
  • Do you have upcoming holiday hours? Update those.
  • Did someone leave a review (good or bad)? Respond to it.

We Can Do All of This For You

Contact us by sending us a form. We will give you a complimentary consultation and walk you through every recommended step that will get you in compliance with best practices.