Online Reputation Management (ORM)

You’ve read the statistics. An extremely happy customer is likely to tell 9 people about their experience and and extremely unhappy customer is likely to tell 22 people.

This dynamic can make Online Reputation Management a tough area for many companies because of the “complain first” nature of online ratings and review sites.

Often the resulting reviews your potential customers are finding are not always fair or accurate because one disgruntled former customer (or even a competitor) can make themselves appear to represent a larger segment of customers and have a negative impact on your reputation, damaging your credibility with potential customers.

Taking Proactive Steps to Address Damaging news or Reviews Pays Dividends

We have dealt with all manner of problematic reviews and public relations crises,  and there are many steps we can take to help improve your reputation, and do ‘damage control’ on existing reviews or news.  Contact us so we can begin taking control of your online reputation.