Hurst Internet Marketing Has Been Called for Expert Witness Testimony

A Letter From Mike Hurst:

I take the trust of my colleagues very seriously and it’s an honor to have been called to discuss my expert opinion in legal matters related to internet marketing.

It’s also something I am proud of because I put so much effort into communicating clearly when I report to people my findings. I am passionate about understanding this digital age and I take great pride in the fact that my analysis has come to be valued so highly by those that I have worked with.

I know that attorneys, judges, and juries are often not acquainted with the nuances of digital technology and the parlance of the community. I always explain my findings in legal matters the same way that I do when I report to CEOs and Shareholders – in clear and easy to understand language that all stakeholders will be able to fully understand.

If you need expert witness testimony to help with your case, subpoena, deposition, or other legal matter, be assured that I take the role very seriously and realize the urgency and importance of the matter.  I look forward to and take great pride in being responsive and thorough when called upon to provide expert testimony.

Best Regards,