Los Angeles SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is our specialty.  We have cut our teeth in some of the most competitive market spaces.

SEO is such a dynamic discipline that “every Monday morning it’s a brand new job.”

Solid Principles of SEO

We are able to predict the changing currents of SEO to quickly “trim the sails” and stay ahead of the pack. But more importantly, we help our customers build a solid vessel that will perform well and withstand the test of time.

A company’s internet presence should start out with carefully crafted messaging that highlights the product or service’s key differentiating factors.

Having a well designed, intuitive website is also very important.

Then, our team starts building upon this solid foundation to make sure the pages are optimized, and implement practices that will leverage the current trends affecting Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs).

Content is King and Size Matters

One guiding ideal that has made our work very successful is the high importance we place on content.  Having well written, relevant content about your product or service is critical to gaining the respect of search engines (SEs) like Google.

Also, having a ton of content is very important because this makes your site seem like an authority in the eyes of Google. This revelation often causes consternation to our customers as they contemplate how much work it will take them to “keep up with the arms race” of growing websites.  We always remind them that we are here to provide that content in a way that is easy and will provide maximum results.

Localization and Customized SearchResults

The recent shift of Google (and other SEs) to provide very customized search results has provided new players an incredible opportunity to get exposure in the SEs.  By taking advantage of lots of free tools to

  • list your business in various directories
  • make sure Google understands where you are and what you offer

now is a great time to optimize your web presence for never before experienced exposure.

Learn More about SEO

You can learn a lot about the ongoing changes to the landscape of SERP by following our blog, and you can become an expert by spending a few minutes learning from our SEO Tools section.

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