Paid Search Campaign Management Adwords and PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Paid Search campaigns (like Google Pay Per Click programs) are where most internet marketing professionals hang their hat.  Paid Search's primary benefit is it's ability to produce instant results - but this comes at a high cost.

We have knowledge to really drill down and segment the customers that are best for our clients, thus keeping the cost per conversion down.  PPC programs really benefit from an involved account manager making frequent analysis and adjustments.

H.I.M. has unique take on Paid Search:  We prefer to innovate and lead the way into new platforms.

The main factor that pushes us into emerging platforms is that most Paid Search programs are based on a "bidding system." So, the more people are competing for  a keyword, the higher the price.  There is a famous example of the word "mesothelioma" resulting in a $1600+ per click cost to the winning website due to the high value of mesothelioma lawsuits.

This s Where the Magic Happens

Newer platforms have less adopters and therefore are much cheaper sources of traffic than the "old platforms" (like Google Pay Per Click).

Paid Search - The Internet Marketer's Slot Machine

Lately, through the difficult economical downturn we've seen Google Pay Per Click (or Google PPC) bring out the real depraved gambler in some otherwise levelheaded business execs.  Sensing a disappointing month or quarter, a desperate Manager might make the call to "spend $10,000 on PPC" to make up for a shortfall.  One problem with this is that the competition is likely making that same phone call  - driving the cost through of bidding on the targeted keyword terms through the roof.

The real problem is that the person managing the paid search campaign might be "asleep at the wheel" and the company might be bidding on all the wrong terms  - or bidding on all the wrong customers (or even the wrong times).

All of marketing can be seen as somewhat of a gamble, but Google PPC is like the slot machine - high risk and low payoff.

We commonly use paid search to "throttle" our customers sites in times of need. But, we use incredible attention to detail and strategically manipulate every parameter available in the paid search campaign. We will literally target the right customer down to the zip code and down to the hour they will see the ad.

We are also really getting some great results from paid search opportunities other than Google PPC.  Contact us to learn more about Facebook, Youtube, and Google alternatives to expensive Pay Per Click.