Is social media necessary? Yes, but read the disclaimer:

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube) has to be managed properly to be a benefit rather than a liability.

We value social media on many levels:

  • social media lends credibility
  • social media helps to differentiate “real brick and mortar” businesses from internet “portals” that are built to redirect your customer elsewhere
  • social media allows your customer to feel like part of your business
  • search engines love social media
  • customer reviews via social media are becoming increasingly important

We have been building and maintaining social media campaigns for a variety of customers and manage some that are the largest communities in the given industry. Social Media is only part of the internet marketing puzzle – but an important one.

Key Tenets of Social Media:

  • authenticity – make the content real and original
  • intimacy – do not post promotional “advertising like” information
  • geo-targeting – find people in your targeted customer area
  • regularity – communicate (with meaningful messaging) at least 2 times a week

H.I.M. Can Manage Your Identity and Social Media Campaign

Read Our Page Specifically About FB Fan Pages

Skittles FB Fan Page: 20 Million Users! 

Abba Zabba: 200 Users

Some of our customers provide services that differentiate themselves with a flashy brand or a central figure (ie beauty salon or a graphic designer). In these cases, it is a “no brainer” to create a social media campaign around the brand or the central figure.

But what about products that are more of a commodity or a “run of the mill” service (like a water bottling service or an oil change business)?
This is more difficult, but we still think there is value. The key is to identify (or create) a central figure or “authority” on the topic who people can become attached to and then provide useful information that will justify earning followers.

Can you believe that Skittles has 20,000,000 fans and Abba Zabba has 265. Now you may like Skittles better than Abba Zabba, but is it really one hundred thousand times better? That’s the difference that a properly executed internet marketing campaign can make.

Our specialty is helping to create and then manage a social media campaign and this includes:

  • shaping the brand or “authority identity”
  • building followers
  • sending messages

We can handle this for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Do not forget to check out our section about “paid search.”