About H.I.M.

Hurst Internet Marketing is a full service internet marketing team that handles every facet of internet marketing from branding and strategy to launching websites to and the ongoing optimization of the sites.

The founders of H.I.M. provide services for businesses in some of the most highly competitive markets – in the most competitive regions no less.

There are certain products and services for which the internet stakes are incredibly high, some examples include:

  • wedding services (photographer, DJ, planning)
  • real estate sales
  • hotels and luxury accommodations
  • high end health care services (ie luxury drug rehab)
  • elective health care services (ie cosmetic services)

What all these services have in common is that they are regional and will likely close a deal with each customer only one time. Businesses that operate in such a space must choose their internet marketing partner wisely because it can ‘make or break’ them.

In particular, H.I.M. has done well servicing customers like these, and in certain instances getting our client to #1 on Google for a key search term has singlehandedly made their business (as long as the site can convert – otherwise, it is wasted effort).

Of course there are so many factors that go into search engine visibility, that it can seem like an arms race:

  • site optimization
  • social media campaign
  • video campaign
  • site optimization
  • off site link building

Let alone the fact that all of these factors change over time, and what works today may not work tomorrow.  That is why H.I.M. has adopted some core foundational strategies that will withstand the fickleness of search engines and work for the long term.

Browse our site or contact us for more information – we are happy to answer your questions about the latest internet marketing trends.

The founder and his daughter Phoenix in their favorite place – Hawaii!

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