Can You Feel The Rumbling?

In this “disruption” era of consumer marketing, you better have someone who is paying attention to the management of your web properties.  Google is using the most advanced artificial intelligence ever developed to create the search results for your customers. If you know what Google is looking for technically and your site is well optimized, you will be given some traffic and if you provide a good user experience to that traffic, you will be rewarded with more traffic.

These shifting tides have buried some companies while others ride the wave to the thrill of success.

Get Smart about Your Digital Strategy

If you are launching a new business, then the good news is that the opportunity is higher than it’s been in years for new businesses to crack into the first page of  search rankings. Google has steered the direction of site development strongly toward creating a good user experience which drives rankings rather than relying on links and ‘off page’ factors that were impenetrable for many years. This has leveled the playing field for new entrants.

If you are an existing business that is needing to grow market share, the good news is that your customers are using the internet every day, and there are constant opportunities to interact with them.

In this dynamic search climate, golden opportunities are emerging frequently (for instance code), and as everyone  adopts the best practices, the opportunity then disappears, but the early adopters have leapt up in the rankings – their new baseline.

A Sophisticated & Cost-Effective Replacement to Having a ‘Full-Time’ Internet Guy

CEOs and Business Owners come to us when they:

  • Want to work with someone trustworthy who explains things in plain English
  • Have an outdated site that is dropping in rankings (or never ranked)
  • Are getting less traffic from not keeping up with Google’s best practices
  • Are not getting enough business from their websites
  • Want to create a very reputable looking brand on Social Media
  • Want to advertise on Google or Facebook

We manage our clients’ digital presence from branding to full web development, including managing social media and ad campaigns.

Improve Your Internet Marketing in 3 Steps



Remember, not taking action is also a choice, and not a good one in the current climate.

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During our call, we will get to  know you and your business better, as well as analyze your current internet marketing strategy. Then we can create a plan for greater exposure and more conversion for your business.



We will execute our plan of action, giving your brand more exposure and reaching the right type of clients.  Our reporting is the best in the business and tailored to our customer’s needs.  Of course, we will be guiding as much of the strategy as you’d like.


Google Ads

Paid Search campaigns are the quickest way to get visitors to your page. Your success will depend on outperforming your competitors.


We are able to respond to the changing currents of SEO to quickly “trim the sails” and stay ahead of the pack.  A well-optimized site is the foundation of SEO performance.


The most influential new technology to respond to Google’s growing ‘machine learning’ and general dependence on AI. Schema code is a specialty of our firm.


We apply our decade plus years of marketing experience to the development of winning strategies (when needed). It’s not uncommon for  our initial discovery process to lead to strategic changes by our client.

Social Media

We have been building and maintaining social media campaigns for a variety of customers and manage some that are the largest communities in the given space. We have specialized experience crafting messaging that will resonate with your customers.

Web Design

Think about your website as the central point of all internet marketing campaigns. A good website helps turn its visitors into customers

Solid Strategic Principles Provide the Foundation for Success

At H.I.M. we have developed proven strategies that can be applied to all emerging internet platforms and technologies. Tried and true approaches like accurately segmenting your target customers and then hitting them with a customized message will be effective regardless of what search engine, operating system, or social networking platform is the most popular choice.

We have over a decade of helping companies craft their message and then decide where and how they will target their desired market. Then, we manage the marketing campaigns with an obsessive eye toward continually improvement and optimization based on the results we are getting.

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