Can You Feel The Ground Moving?


Knowing How to Reach & Engage Your Customers Wins the Day

Chaos is the norm in this "disruption" era of consumer marketing. The same change that buries some companies act like a wave that others surf to the thrill of success.

Now is Such a Great Time to Get Smart about Your Digital Strategy

If you are launching a new business, then the good news is that the barrier to entry is lower than ever before as things are rapidly changing and the internet has leveled the playing field. If you are an existing business that is needing to carve out more market share, the good news is that your customers are using the internet every day, and there are constant opportunities to interact with them.

In any case, if you are reading this - get excited, because it means you are definitely on the right path. You are clearly aware that in this dynamic internet age, many golden opportunities are emerging, and then sometimes just as quickly disappearing as the tides shift yet again.

Solid Strategic Principles Provide the Foundation for Success

At H.I.M. we have developed proven strategies that can be applied to all emerging internet platforms and technologies. Tried and true approaches like accurately segmenting your target customers and then hitting them with a customized message will be effective regardless of what search engine, operating system, or social networking platform is the most popular choice.

We have over a decade of helping companies craft their message and then decide where and how they will target their desired market. Then, we manage the marketing campaigns with an obsessive eye toward continually improvement and optimization based on the results we are getting.

Contact Us to Win

Remember, not taking action is also a choice, and not a good one in the current climate. As the landscape shifts the ground will swallow some companies whole. But, other businesses will wisely ride the wave of change to new heights.

Contact us for a consultation and we will analyze your internet marketing strategy and create a plan for greater exposure and more conversion for your business. We can provide answers in a variety of areas:

  • analysis of competitive landscape
  • analysis of your website and internet marketing strategy
  • plan for immediate results (more costly but effective)
  • plan for long term growth (greater ROI)
  • analysis of your message, brand, product/service position

We look forward to designing a strategy for you to reach new customers.

June 5, 2014

Don’t Look Now but Denny’s Twitter is Killing

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March 20, 2014

Competitive Intelligence: Every Bit.Ly link has Public Analytics

See Public Click Through Analytics for Any Bit.Ly Link

I included this as part of an article I wrote about Dominos amazing first tweet about lewd employees getting arrested and fired, but it deserves to be mentioned in it's own post. You can add the “plus symbol” (+) to the end of any link and see a lot of data about click throughs and referring sites. Example: link that was included in Dominos' tweet: // Add "+" to the end of URL to see a ton of analytics: //

An Example of Interpreting Public Analytics

The domino’s bit ly link analytics are as good an example as any, you can see total click throughs on "this link" and then it shows "all links" (to clarify: "all" links that are pointed to that destination URL"):

What we can learn: how many shortcuts were created for this URL and (in conjunction with the other info on this page) where they were placed and how effective the various placements were in getting 'click throughs.'
March 20, 2014

Dominos Pizza First Tweet – Employees Arrested & Fired Video

This appears to be one of the all time greatest corporate tweet gaffes. I was alerted to this by Jon Hendren's tweet (@fart)

I asked for a link and voila, it appears to be true.  Dominos appears to have posted a tweet that links to a page on their site which contains a video and article addressing some very kinky Dominos employees, and I quote:
"...videos of two of Domino’s Pizza employees appearing inappropriately within one of our franchise restaurants have been circulating online."
  The employees were arrested and fired. The video on Dominos site is currently set to "private" and it appears to be a corporate generated "response"/damage control video with a Dominos executive discussing the incident.  I did find a news video that is probably about this incident. Since Dominos already made the video private, I'm going to post screen shots of the tweet and the landing page for posterity, because they might not be long for this world. I think my favorite part of the Tweet is "Please RT" at the end.  Here's the landing page from the link (click image to view full size):   See Public Click Through Analytics for Any Bit.Ly Link PRO TIP: You can add the "plus symbol" (+) to the end of any link and see a lot of data about click throughs and referring sites.  The domino's bit ly link analytics shows some pretty good numbers (for a first tweet)! About @fart: Jon Hendren is from San Jose and definitely the funniest and coolest person there. Also, Jon managed to nail down the twitter handle @fart, how far ahead of the curve do you have to be to do that?! Follow Jon for clever tweets that will change your life.  Disclaimer: never, under any circumstances, should you click on images that Jon tweets.