Provides an “In” for New Entrants to Appear on Page 1 of Google

Getting the correct markup on your page can make the difference between being buried 50 pages down in Google search results or appearing on the first page of results – due to an attribute you have correctly “schema’d up” like:

  • Items for Sale and Price
  • Services Offered at Your Location
  • Open Hours and Location
  • Showtimes and “Buy Tickets” Link (like for Movie Theaters, Concerts)
  • Stats, Scores, and Schedules

Powered by Structured Data Markup

There are a few different ways to do this. JSON LD is a language that is most powerful and preferred by programmers due to it’s flexibility, but there’s also simple additions you can make to a page using RDFa or microdata which can accomplish the same ends. Whichever language you choose, the code is added into the body of the website without being visible to the end user.

This code communicates directly to the search engine and relays what information on the page.  While Google can index your site pretty completely and for some sites do it every day, they naturally want your help in providing a great user experience on their search engine. Results like updated football scores and schedules are powered by structured markup.

Of course, correctly adding structured data to your website will also have search rankings results,  as the endlessly referenced report from Searchenginewatch pointed out several years ago.

There’s simply no good reason not to take advantage of adding structured data in the framework to your site. It will work cooperatively with Google to provide a better user experience on their search engine, you will effectively be speaking a language that Google approved and had a hand in creating (in cooperation with Yahoo, Microsoft, and Yandex). is Dynamic and Evolving Markup is yet another thrilling opportunity for newer entrants to make headway into competitive search markets.  The best part is, that the more you pay attention, the more you can get out of

There is an evolving body of work as the open community collaboratively shapes increasing categories of information. Opportunities to further optimize your internet presence will continually present themselves.

There’s literally no telling what the future may hold for but it is already improving the communication between humans and artificial intelligence technology like that Google (and all sites and applications) are using.  Schema is definitely playing a part in the revolution of intuitive technology we are in the midst of right now.

The Links You Need to Get Started:

Implementing can be tricky, but is getting better constantly. Contact us for help if you have a question.