Competitive Intelligence: Every Bit.Ly link has Public Analytics

See Public Click Through Analytics for Any Bit.Ly Link

I included this as part of an article I wrote about Dominos amazing first tweet about lewd employees getting arrested and fired, but it deserves to be mentioned in it's own post. You can add the “plus symbol” (+) to the end of any link and see a lot of data about click throughs and referring sites. Example: link that was included in Dominos' tweet: // Add "+" to the end of URL to see a ton of analytics: //

An Example of Interpreting Public Analytics

The domino’s bit ly link analytics are as good an example as any, you can see total click throughs on "this link" and then it shows "all links" (to clarify: "all" links that are pointed to that destination URL"):

What we can learn: how many shortcuts were created for this URL and (in conjunction with the other info on this page) where they were placed and how effective the various placements were in getting 'click throughs.'

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