January 10, 2013

GoDaddy – Amazing to Work With

A lot of my fellow internet marketing gurus complain about GoDaddy’s hosting (mainly they focus on security, so they must know what they’re talking about because GoDaddy recently got hacked). Still, as someone who is more focused on the strategy and messaging of the site, I can’t tell you how great it is to work with GoDaddy due to their incredible support. They have phone support 24/7 and their techs are all great and knowledgeable (I believe they are based in Arizona). SO I’m taking a moment to recommend that people use GoDaddy to register domain names at the minimum and even for hosting if they want to get a lot of “hand holding”during the process of launching and maintaining a website. Who doesn’t like to have their hand held? Weird people, that’s who.
June 22, 2011

ICANN Opens Up Domain Suffixes or gTLDs

This is an announcement that is hugely significant for the future of the web..  If you didn’t know, ICANN is opening up domain suffixes so that companies can buy the part “after the dot.” (ie .coke, .sex., .help., etc.)  This part is known as the “generic Top Level Domain” (gTLD) Read the ICANN announcement here. I’m still processing this information but the first thing that comes to mind is – how are they going to open up the bidding? How are companies going to compete for this?  Early indications are that ICANN will charge $185K per domain and it seems like it will be a flat rate (so I guess the “little guys” will be shut out of this new venture). Click to Read More