When we meet someone who wants help with their search engine optimization (SEO), we always share some free tools that will allow them to help themselves.

This list of rankings factors has always been my favorite: Vaughns List of SEO Rankings Factors.

The site design may look ancient (and I’ve been using it as a reference for at least 5 years) and there have been other flashier versions of this information through the years.  But, as you can see, Vaughn’s page is updated with current info at the top about the latest Google algorithm updates.

The part that I recommend people refer to starts down the page, with Positive On Page Factors:

Note –
ON-Page SEO Factors
Brief Note
50 KEYWORDS Google patent – Topic extraction
For keyword selection,
try Google Ad Words – Google Trends
HOT 1 Keyword in URL First word is best, second is second best, etc.
HOT 2 Keyword in Domain name Same as in page-name-with-hyphens

…and it goes on (and on) from there.  The page also lists:

“Negative On Page Factors”

“Positive Off Page Factors”

“Negative Off Page Factors”

“Off the page” refers to sites that have links coming into your site (ie. “off of your site’s page”).

Every time I visit Vaughn’s site I learn something new or remember something I forgot.  This page is required reading for internet marketing.

– Mike