Google Half Heartedly Shows Opposition to Sopa

Considering how drastic it is that wikipedia is going dark (as is, Google did the bare minimum to show support for the anti-SOPA and PIPA google black out sopamovement.

Google is in a tough spot after all… they take money from everyone and have stockholders to answer to, so their best course of action is to be neutral.

A Tough Issue

SOPA is too draconian to even be taken seriously, but the issue will not go away.

I am sure that I am not the only one that is conflicted about this issue.

Some ‘thought leaders’ like John Barlow think that SOPA has no merit and that pirated movies should be considered valuable advertising for the studios.  He’s been on fire covering SOPA issue on his twitter account.



I find myself thinking not about the big studios but rather the aspiring writer or filmmaker who might just not be able to make it through lean years due to lost royalties to piracy…

Piracy is theft… but I am guilty of it as most of us are.

This is a tough issue.