Who will be doing my work?

Our core team of accounts managers and strategy experts are based in Northern and Southern Califiornia. Your point of contact will be one of our California based team members.

For fulfillment of certain types of jobs, H.I.M. partners with a large team of specialists who have proven to be at the top of their trade.  For some design projects, we use contractors in the Ukraine. Our researchers and content writers are all based in the United States.  For certain types of linking and content generation projects we use contractors who are in India.  Any work that is completed for you will be submitted for approval and will meet quality guidelines that we establish.

I don’t know anything about the web? What do I do?

Many incredibly talented business execs have a “blind spot” to technology.   As you can see from our website, we’d always prefer to educate potential customers on how they can learn to help themselves.  Some of our customers make it abundantly clear that they do not want to know anything about the “nuts and bolts” of our internet marketing plan, just the results.

If you suspect you may fall into this category, then we think that you will appreciate contacting some of our references we can provide. Some customers contract with us to completely manage their online presence on an ongoing basis and we send periodic reports showing them their relevant statistics and what progress we are making.

If there is no ROI, then there is no point in hiring an agency like ours to provide our services.  In order to earn and keep your business, we will have to demonstrate tangible results to the bottom line.

How expensive is it?  How does payment work?

Our rates are very competitive for the access to industry experts that we provide. We generally offer an initial consultation for free to get a feel for  your current situation and assess how we can help you.  Our potential customers always walk away from the first meeting with a ton of new ideas about what they can do to optimize their web presence and information on how to do it.  Some clients actually take the information and implement changes themselves.  Most come back to us and hire us to work on their online presence.

Payment for short term projects (like web design and SEO projects) is usually made 50% upon start and 50% upon completion.  For ongoing (monthly) contracts, payment terms are net 30.