Solid strategic foundations allow businesses to thrive in times of rapid change.

In the last decade, businesses have had to completely adapt to the internet marketing model.

Advertising dollars that were tabbed for promotional activities like print ads, TV commercials, and even sales reps have been re-allocated to internet marketing campaigns.
Customized Internet Campaign

As the landscape has shifted the ground has swallowed some companies whole. But, other businesses have wisely ridden the wave of change to new heights.

At H.I.M. we have developed proven strategies that can be applied to all emerging internet platforms and technologies. There are certain principles – like segmenting your potential customers and striking them with a customized message – that will be effective regardless of what search engine, operating system, or social networking platform rises to the top.

If you feel like the rug is being pulled out from under – it has.

Contact us for a consultation and we will analyze your internet marketing strategy and create a plan for greater exposure and more conversion for your business. We can provide answers in a variety of areas:

  • analysis of competitive landscape
  • analysis of your website and internet marketing strategy
  • plan for immediate results (more costly but effective)
  • plan for long term growth (greater ROI)
  • analysis of your message, brand, product/service position

Please browse our site to learn about our approach to the many facets to internet marketing.